11/26/23 - Announcement 

Over the next year I plan to become a full-time real estate agent. Although the weekly time commitment is not yet known, I'm prepared for the possibility that I'll have to entirely give up teaching agility. My plan for now is to complete the real estate class requirements this December and then take the California license exam. In the first half of the year I'll look for employment with a brokerage and start my new career sometime in the summer, at which time I'll have a better idea of my availability to teach agility.

Even though this occupational path has been in consideration over the years, Bentley's recent passing helped solidify that direction of pursuing real estate as a career which I hope to develop until my eventual retirement. Coming to this decision hasn't been easy, especially after witnessing the many wonderful successes between dogs and their human companions over my 10+ years of instructing. 

Farrington Kennels is committed to maintaining and even hoping to expand their agility program. As my time becomes more limited, they will rely on their two wonderful instructors, Dorothy and Rachelle, in addition to looking for other teachers to help fill class/lesson requests so that all those wishing to continue at Farrington will have that opportunity. 

-Greg Jung